The Experiment

I have some thoughts on how and why humans internalize fiction as they do, sometimes to their own detriment, and I am attempting to assess those several hypotheses through this descriptive experiment. “Descriptive” means there is no control group, no testing really. It merely means that observations are made and statistically analyzed. Data collection will be in the form of surveys I create and participants will complete and submit.

  • How does this work?

You will be guided toward materials to see: books, stories, website entries, social media posts. I will present my life as I recall it, with as much detail as I am able. I never give photographic or physical evidence of anything that verify my particular claims. I do give clues that motivated people may use to research on their own, if they wish, to obtain proof of my existence or lack thereof. I answer all the questions put to me.

You may peruse any of the materials you wish to, in your own time. You may interact in private messages or publicly submitted questions to any of the social media outlets. They will be answered and if not, the answer is in the materials given. You will be periodically asked questions, given surveys, polls, and other quizzes. You will be asked to determine if you believe me to be a real monster, or to tell me what you think I really am. That data is compiled and I do with it what I please.

In exchange for this, I have only my companionship and objectivity to offer. I endeavor to always be a positive influence in your lives, in order to make up for this discrepancy.

Some of the materials may cost money, but I have built in ways of skirting this. The reason for this cost is simply to compensate the people who made the experiment possible, and to offset the cost to me, so that the experiment is self-sustaining.

  • How do I sign up?

You have but to follow me on any or all social media, It would be helpful if you signed up to my website using your email. I view the “follow” or “friend” or “subscription” as being consent. All surveys, when distributed will appear on all social media platforms in link form

  • What are the rules for participation?

Choose your own type of involvement or interaction — there are books about my modern lifestories about my past, my thoughts on certain sciences, my species and history in general on my websites and social media accounts. You will have access to anything and everything I write or record, comment upon or choose to draw your attention toward. You may ask any questions you wish, and I will answer them as able. From all this data, you will form opinions about me. These are welcome. You may pose them aloud for discussion, or keep them to yourself.  From time to time, I will give you surveys, and you are asked to answer them honestly.

There will be no confirmation of any of the facts in anything I write, including contact. If you wish to rifle through my history and try to find traces of me in your past, you may do so. I shan’t stop you.

You may maintain disbelief. That is your right. I am not here to convince you I am real. I know I am real, but I am set on recording your opinion. You may be skeptical, but you cannot be rude. This is a person here, speaking to you. Be polite and respectful, just as I will be to you.

All gentle readers (this is what I call you) are off the menu. Which is not to suggest you would be on it, but to say that you need not worry about me using any of your information or details or conversations as tools to track or trap you.

  • Why are you doing it?

I have many reasons. Not all of them are your business. We can say I am simply here to learn. I am bored, I suppose, and this activity gives me a purpose beyond that of the everyday life. I find it tremendously informative in a way no previous era of my life has been. I also enjoy interacting with humans in a “safe” way that will not result in destruction, should things become emotionally complex.

  • Why is it organized this way?

Because it is the easiest way to obtain the type of data I want. Think of it as an opinion poll or survey. There are more technical terms but those are fine for now and suffice. This type of structure does not require a control group.

In addition to the surveys you will be asked to fill out, your interactions may provide other data to me. These will be recorded in my database. No names are used. Only handles or URL’s and those will never be public.

  • Why not just show proof?

I am not here to prove what I am. I know what I am. I am here to see what humanity does with that, and make certain calculations based on it. I find this is also teaching me many other things about your species, and this is also fo value to me. Showing proof changes the dynamics completely and removes the ability to test for certain “belief structures” in the culture.

  • How old is the experiment?

This is the third iteration. The first began in 2011 on my website. The second was a short-lived attempt via social media during the publication process of my book. The third began in 2015.

  • How long will the experiment continue?

As long as it takes for me to feel I’ve had enough of a sample size, or a variety of input.

  • When the experiment ends, will you vanish off social media?

I do not know. It would depend entirely upon the ways in which the experiment ended.

I think you can see the complication regarding my hanging about. If I stop the experiment, all sorts of people will take it as an excuse to begin demanding things of me: my location, my face, my bodily secretions. Once I end the barrier of scientific sterility, I’ll be crawling with people who want to subject my personhood to their curiosity. I don’t relish the notion in the least. This is the most public I have ever been in my entire existence. It is new to me, still uncomfortable, and the idea that the world would suddenly be looking at me with the ferocious scrutiny is a bit horrifying, if I am honest.

  • Why now?

This is the only time it could have happened.

Popular culture and the fiction machine that appears to be overrunning your brains has reached a tipping point. People often come to the experiment and mock me by saying “This reminds me of role playing” or “This is such cringe culture”. They don’t realize they are outlining precisely why I am doing this and the timing of it. It is now, because so many of you have decided that you own this mythology and that you can lose yourselves in it. You are no longer vanquishing that thing you despise, but pretending to be it, romanticizing it into fantasies of a sexual nature, or turning it into you hopes and dreams, like an emblem for how much more wonderful your life would be. This is an odd and frankly suicidal notion. And I aim to deduce something from it.

  • Will you publish the data?

I don’t know in what way I would do this, but yes, I might.

For more information please read the FAQ or put your questions to me via any of my social media accounts, or ask comments on this page.