The Experiment

I hypothesize that humans are incapable of parsing reality from fiction. My species exists, and countless myths have sprung up over the centuries to either explain us or instruct humans how to either harness us or defeat us. And yet…humans nowadays have become completely desensitized. They now suspend disbelief on a constant basis. They are inundated with fiction continuously, from television, film, books available in many forms, and machines in the palms of their hands. To the point that we now have phrases like “alternative facts” in the common lexicon.
So, my experiment is structured as follows:

I present my life as I recall it, with as much detail as I am able. I spin the story, if you will. I never give photographic or physical evidence of anything that verify my particular claims. I do give clues that motivated people may use to research on their own, if they wish, which might give proof of my existence. I answer all the questions put to me. I present my books, which are an edited version of my diary which was formerly available on this website. I present them all to my gentle readers.
They may engage, research, discuss, doubt, suspect, or whatever else they wish. But at the end of this experiment, whenever that may come to pass, I will ask them to state their decision.

Am I real or not? 

I am not here to prove what I am. I know I exist. I’m here to see if humanity can tell fact from fiction that is hundreds of years old. I am here to track common sense. 


Does an experiment need a reasons? The completed experiment often modifies the hypothesis, and therefore indicates a direction. I have spent centuries doubting that my species could continue to exist within the rise of humanity. Perhaps, in someway, I am attempting to determine if coexistence as possible. As it stands, I don’t think it is.

If you wish to participate, you have but to read this website, peruse the books available currently via the Tapas app (chosen because it allows the reader to read for free by farming coins and wastes no money or time, as a reader may purchase by the chapter), join me on any of my social media accounts, comment here, or email me directly.

My contact information is available in the “About the Monster” tab.