The Book

The Creature’s Cookbook, found currently only on the webcomic and serial literature app “Tapas”, contains diary entries and recipes originally posted to this site.

It has damsels, danger, dinner, and unlike your average fairytale, dire consequences. Let us see if you can digest this manifesto and know it for the truth it is.

Let us see if you are one of the interesting ones.

So many questions arose from the gentle readers, that a secondary experiment was begun – an interactive Q&A short story series, in which you may also participate. If you have a notion to ask me a question without a simple answer, that is indeed the place to do it.

Welcome to the experiment, please subscribe to add your belief or lack thereof to my data set.

Thank you.

And just in case you are here looking for a hard copy of the books, please know that we are currently attempting to sell it to a standard publisher. However…if you are dead set upon obtaining a signed copy, it can be arranged.

Assuming you enjoy making bargains with the likes of me.