EBook Version Available

I have managed to finally make the ebook copy available! I’m not sure how long it takes to have everything synced up, but I have used Smashwords, a platform that distributes the book to all available formats for viewing, Kindle, Itunes, and e reader. So… You can now purchase an e-copy by going to any e-book marketplace and searching for The Creature’s Cookbook. You will see this cover:

Which was designed by Ann Groner, and inspired by classic cookbooks from the 50’s

The print copy will hopefully be available for purchase soon.

I will encourage you to purchase the book through Smashwords, as it allows you to choose how much you wish to pay, whereas other sites may have a fixed price, I have designated it as “Reader’s choice” to reduce costs. So please do contribute if you wish, to the experiment, otherwise, it is potentially free.

Sugar Cookies and Frosting, several recipes in one

The Creature's Cookbook

Sugar cookies are a holiday favorite. I make hundreds every year. Here are two cookie recipes, one Gluten Free, and several Icing types for you to enjoy. Personally, all my cookies turn out looking vaguely malevolent. This could be due to the fact that when making them for myself in bygone years, I almost exclusively used Halloween cookie cutters. Only these days, with the addition of children to my life, have I indulged in proper Christmas cutters for completely average holiday cookies (into which I intersperse monsters and the like, sometimes also crafting Santa into the fat, scarlet tyrant that he is.).


For the following two cookie dough recipes, assume that the tools needed are as follows:

  • standing mixer (you may do this with you hands, but it can get messy. As always, make certain all your ingredients are mixed together thoroughly, during each stage)
  • Bowl
  • Plastic wrap

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Bullshit Bingo!

The rules for Bullshit Bingo are as follows:

1. Pick one card of your choice and the numbered paper if you choose (you may make your own numbered sheet of you like)

2. Each game will last until there is a winner. You must have the beginning and ending date written on the numbered paper, to show you have won in a span of time that fits the beginning and end of that game and are not using old posts.

3. Each bingo square has a number corresponding to a line on the numbered sheet. When you see an ask that fulfills the bingo square’s requirements, please make a note of which post it was using whatever notation I specify. When I post an ask that qualifies, I’ll name it and give the date. This is what you write on the line. The bee is a free space. A…free bee, if you will.

4. If you get a bingo, which is a straight line, column or diagonal of squares filled, you win. Send me the numbered sheet and your choice of card, and I will confirm the win. I will send you a small prize.

Again, all squares must be filled. You may switch cards only at the end of a game, not mid game, though obviously this is an honor-based system. Please don’t cheat or it isn’t fun anymore!

To keep this organized and prevent cheating, here is how I will be managing the inbox: all negative asks will be screencapped. I will then block the asker. The image will then be posted by me, replied to, dated, and tagged with “bullshit bingo”. Using this method, I think we can avoid confusion. I will even indicate the name of the post so that it will be easy for you to note them on the bingo cards. Do not attempt to cheat or you will end up blocked.

Here are the cards:


Tumblr Dump

Given the new restrictions on Tumblr and the threatened mass exodus and possible slide of that platform into obscurity, I’ve backed up all my Tumblr content to a databases site on WordPress. You can find it at https://creaturescookbook-tumblr.com and I suspect it will be much easier to search through the entries by key word.

So if you’ve been trying to find one of my Tumblr entries using their proprietary search and have been failing, this ought to fix that. I’d also encourage you to follow that blog too. It won’t send you an email every time I “tumble”. Nor, if I do any future backing up to it. It only alerts you if I directly post to the site.

Thank you! And be advised I will be on Tumblr until they force me off. I haven’t yet decided if I will set up a mastodon account or move to any other platforms also. I’m considering it.