Purchase Books or Memorabilia 

The Creature’s Cookbook can be found in a number of locations.

Via the serial literature app “Tapas”, which allows the reader to purchase or unlock the book on a chapter by chapter basis (the company also does something called coin farming, which allows the reader to watch ads in order to obtain access, such that it is possible to read the book largely for free)

The ebook site Smashwords has a version on which you may determine your own price

Print copies can be bought here from Lulu

The Patreon account contains audio files read by me (through voice altering software) of all the books and short stories at the $5 tier. The $9 tier will contain read versions of the additional materials I write, including website stories and essays, and even tumblr essays if anyone cares to have them. I will also answer questions and so forth.

If you would like to purchase the official Creature’s Cookbook T-shirts

You may also purchase darkly amusing kitchen accessories at the Zazzle storefront

Here, you may find many dishes, towels, and other kitchen goodies, all strategically designed to conceal evidence.

Of what?