EBook Version Available

I have managed to finally make the ebook copy available! I’m not sure how long it takes to have everything synced up, but I have used Smashwords, a platform that distributes the book to all available formats for viewing, Kindle, Itunes, and e reader. So… You can now purchase an e-copy by going to any e-book marketplace and searching for The Creature’s Cookbook. You will see this cover:

Which was designed by Ann Groner, and inspired by classic cookbooks from the 50’s

The print copy will hopefully be available for purchase soon.

I will encourage you to purchase the book through Smashwords, as it allows you to choose how much you wish to pay, whereas other sites may have a fixed price, I have designated it as “Reader’s choice” to reduce costs. So please do contribute if you wish, to the experiment, otherwise, it is potentially free.

3 responses to “EBook Version Available

  1. Thank you! Through the magic of Facebook, I saw a post about how people look that you commented on and included your bio. That lead me to a 20min internet search tracking down this cookbook! I have no time concept for things older than a week, and didn’t even think I would not be able to get a copy. I’m searching for the ebook copy now.

    • There are a number of ways to get it and there are about to be more. There are audio files on my patreon to which I just began uploading, the ebook on several sites, most importantly Smashwords, and then the Tapas app. You will soon be able to get a paper copy also

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