Bullshit Bingo!

The rules for Bullshit Bingo are as follows:

1. Pick one card of your choice and the numbered paper if you choose (you may make your own numbered sheet of you like)

2. Each game will last until there is a winner. You must have the beginning and ending date written on the numbered paper, to show you have won in a span of time that fits the beginning and end of that game and are not using old posts.

3. Each bingo square has a number corresponding to a line on the numbered sheet. When you see an ask that fulfills the bingo square’s requirements, please make a note of which post it was using whatever notation I specify. When I post an ask that qualifies, I’ll name it and give the date. This is what you write on the line. The bee is a free space. A…free bee, if you will.

4. If you get a bingo, which is a straight line, column or diagonal of squares filled, you win. Send me the numbered sheet and your choice of card, and I will confirm the win. I will send you a small prize.

Again, all squares must be filled. You may switch cards only at the end of a game, not mid game, though obviously this is an honor-based system. Please don’t cheat or it isn’t fun anymore!

To keep this organized and prevent cheating, here is how I will be managing the inbox: all negative asks will be screencapped. I will then block the asker. The image will then be posted by me, replied to, dated, and tagged with “bullshit bingo”. Using this method, I think we can avoid confusion. I will even indicate the name of the post so that it will be easy for you to note them on the bingo cards. Do not attempt to cheat or you will end up blocked.

Here are the cards: