Tumblr Dump

Given the new restrictions on Tumblr and the threatened mass exodus and possible slide of that platform into obscurity, I’ve backed up all my Tumblr content to a databases site on WordPress. You can find it at https://creaturescookbook-tumblr.com and I suspect it will be much easier to search through the entries by key word.

So if you’ve been trying to find one of my Tumblr entries using their proprietary search and have been failing, this ought to fix that. I’d also encourage you to follow that blog too. It won’t send you an email every time I “tumble”. Nor, if I do any future backing up to it. It only alerts you if I directly post to the site.

Thank you! And be advised I will be on Tumblr until they force me off. I haven’t yet decided if I will set up a mastodon account or move to any other platforms also. I’m considering it.

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