How can we respectfully write about fictional monsters?

Don’t make them a reflection of or foil to human failings and conflicts of soul.

Too often, monsters are in stories to either represent some deep human character flaw, representing avarice or lust or amoral behavior. Recently, the monster has become an object of human fantasy and desire, and while the monster illustrates almost a featureless disposition with flat affect and no significant development, the humans get to fawn all over them and come to terms with interspecies romance. On the opposing side, the monster is an indomitable force that humans must destroy. The monster becomes a mere pretext for humans to exhibit cleverness, overcome social differences, set aside their usual behaviors to demonstrate the supposed sanctity and sublime capability of the human spirit.

Please do none of these. Let the monster be a person. Think about how he would feel. Truly analyze the differences between his species and yours. 

If cheap knock offs of my species will facilitate that then so be it. Perhaps that is simply how the human brain works through problems.