One of my favorite things you’ve said is in your bio, “I am uniquely qualified to run this excitement, you see, because I exist.” I’ve taken to using that when someone discredits something I say— “I am entitled to have an opinion because I exist, same as you.” A different meaning, coming from a human girl rather than a people-eating monster, but I like it all the same. So thank you, Simon, for providing a nice line to use in uncomfortable situations.

Opinion- A belief held by an individual based on experience

Qualification – a degree of expertise obtained through advanced study, experience, or prolonged exposure to a given topic.

My opinions may inform inquiries of my qualifications. My qualifications may inform my opinions, but regardless of how I feel about something, my qualifications are incontrovertible. At least in terms of how I state them in this self-contained reality. 

You are uniquely qualified to discuss your life and the facets of your life, events that transpired to or figuring you. No one can ever deny you that. All opinions aside, including your own opinions about yourself or theirs about you. Those don’t matter, when your life is being discussed. 

You are uniquely qualified to inform humanity about your own personage and past.

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