Can you feel/sense when someone’s anxiety flares up? If you’re fond of said person do you act on the shift in their comfort levels?


I want to point something out, given that recent critique of my writing style. I perceive a large set of sensory data at every given second. It is intensely difficult for me to write my experience without taking up all the oxygen in the room. Much of what I write does not fully account for my true experience, but that’s how it has to be to avoid being so dry people hear my work in the voice of Ben Stein. Obviously, according to some, I fail at this, but I cannot be all things to all people.

What I am trying to say is, I am very perceptive, to the point of often being accused casually of being psychic. It isn’t magic. It’s simply how things work for us. I’ll say this, though–it’s tremendously useful for blending in, for being accommodating, for making friends…

And the experiment and the mode in which I’ve chosen to set it removes that entirely.

This medium, the internet, removes any and all perceptional advantages I might have, and that is intentionally done. 

Thank you for giving me the platform to address this particular issue, one which has been on my mind of late.