You’ve lived a longtime, what do you perceive as the meaning to human life? Or life in general, or what does life to you mean?



Been a fair bit since I’ve gotten this one. Allow me to be brief, lest I come of dry and unentertaining.

There is no meaning. Meaning is a human construct. Stop demanding there be a meaning. Your life has whatever meaning you have enacted and given it. And two centuries after you’re dead, other people will spend endless time arguing about the meaning your life had, even if you write your meaning down in black and white. 

Meaning is irrelevant. No fate. No design. No intent. No organization other than life. Life IS meaning. 

Thank you for your attention.

I’ve been saying this for over a decade now… but almost nobody I talk to seems to get how liberating that concept is.

Or perhaps they do, and it terrifies them.

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