if you had a choice to wear clothing from any period of history on a regular basis, even if the clothes literally don’t exist at this point in time, they exist in this scenario, what would you choose? for example, i personally like 1990’s fashion and 1930’s fashion

I talk about this on my FAQ.

I like many eras, but to wear?

I’m afraid you’ll see me in nothing but tailored militaristically inspired fashions like doublets, pea coats, high collars and so forth. I dress most commonly for utility, not appearances. It’s silly, but I save artistry for the times I have to hunt.

And I mean for both male and female attire. If I am hunting, I’m usually attempting to snare a male of the violent persuasion, and so go as a woman. I tend to bare more skin, preferring short skirts and halter tops. If I’m not engaging in subterfuge, but simply am fetching up a meal, I’m back to practicality. 

I seldom if ever try to look “fancy”. I have a tuxedo. A nice beaded gown or two. I have a cocktail dress. I have a few other things, but honestly, my wardrobe is meant for quality and practicality.

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