Does Chef prefer when you present male or female? Or does he prefer when you present as the monster you really are?

He prefers the monster. This is fleshed out in my books, in which you first encounter him as I did, at the same moment I did, since the books were originally blog posts to my website.

Chef is an odd human. people talk about fetishes to do with monsters and yes, I realize it sounds as if that is Chef’s “bag”, but I assure you it isn’t. He isn’t attracted to me sexually because I am a monster. He’s attracted to me because of my intellect, which as it happens, is an integral part of my monstrous biology. My strength and age appeal to him, because they make him feel safe. My self control appeals because I can moderate his lack thereof. He likes my thoughts. I suppose there are some aspects of my aesthetic he finds alluring, though I’m unsure what those are. I know he likes my skin. I know he likes my eyes. He likes to play with my “hair”. He thinks I’m graceful.

And conversely, he isn’t the least bit attracted to my cousin, which is another proof it isn’t merely a fetish for him. Though honestly, Fred alternates between childlike stupidity and smelling like a rancid bear, so…that’s not too difficult to understand really.

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