Hey Simon, I seem to remember you mentioning this previously somewhere but I was curious if you’re able to easily determine if a human is lying,* and also while writing this wondered if you prefer “Simon,” “Simone,” or if “Simon(e)” is okay/weird/good, etc. *iirc your senses allow you to read us well and was curious if/how that allows you to determine truth vs lies. Also my apologies if i missed this but where can we find the surveys?

Surveys not written yet.

I determine lies very simply–vis the same means as a polygraph. I can hear heart beats, small chemical changes, feel temperature shifts, see pupil dilation, and have an incredible baseline of human deceit upon which to base pattern recognition.

I have no preference as to name, pronouns, gender assignments, or sexuality. 


1. N. The act of interrupting someone while they are speaking.

Example: Misogynists often use interfation as a technique to undermine women in the workplace.

This word went out around the end of the seventeenth century. You’re not going to be able to find much to confirm this word existed unless you happen to own a dictionary from the turn of the 17th century, but I assure you, it is real.

Random Food Generator Challenge


The Challenge:
I am going to spin an online random food ingredient generator several times. You may select whichever set of ingredients you find easiest to work with. You must then create a dish containing all of the ingredients. Anyone may enter. You do not have to be a reader of mine to participate, though I do hope you will hang around.

The Rules:

  1. All entries must be a reblog of this original post
  2. All entries must include a written recipe so that it can be recreated
  3. All entries must include a picture of the results
  4. All entries must indicate which ingredient list they are using by the number given them in this post.
  5. You may use whatever additional ingredients you wish, but each entry must contain all four items in one of the following lists.
  6. You may use whatever cooking styles, culinary traditions, appliances or implements you wish.

The Deadline:

All entries are due by the last day of June 2018

The Winner:

I will send out a voting post on the last day of June which contains links to all the recipes. Voters will be allowed to choose a numbered recipe from that list (no name will be attached at the time) and register their vote vie a comment on the post.

The Prize:

  • $30 Gift card to a food related website
  • A kitchen implement of my choosing
  • Proper kitchen attire (What do I mean? It’s a surprise)
  • A copy of my cookbook, but only if you’d like it. If not, I’ll think of something else to throw at you of a similar value.

The Ingredients:

These are your four sets of ingredients. You must choose only one list and your submission must contain every item on it (which must be reflected in the recipe you write), in addition to whatever extra things you add to create your dish. If you have a health concern (all lists contain something you cannot eat) then contact me directly, and we will generate another random item to use in place of the one you are casting out.

  1. Brown rice, bacon, chili peppers, pineapple
  2. molasses, coconut, creme fraiche, marsala
  3. Yogurt, bread crumbs, brussels sprouts, lemon
  4. Spaghetti squash, balsamic vinegar, dates, pork

Happy cooking!

You’ve lived a longtime, what do you perceive as the meaning to human life? Or life in general, or what does life to you mean?



Been a fair bit since I’ve gotten this one. Allow me to be brief, lest I come of dry and unentertaining.

There is no meaning. Meaning is a human construct. Stop demanding there be a meaning. Your life has whatever meaning you have enacted and given it. And two centuries after you’re dead, other people will spend endless time arguing about the meaning your life had, even if you write your meaning down in black and white. 

Meaning is irrelevant. No fate. No design. No intent. No organization other than life. Life IS meaning. 

Thank you for your attention.

I’ve been saying this for over a decade now… but almost nobody I talk to seems to get how liberating that concept is.

Or perhaps they do, and it terrifies them.

Do you have any unusual but delicious ice cream flavors to suggest?






Lavender, rose, basil.

Garlic?! Is it a thing then? Have you made it yourself or tasted it somewhere? I assume it’s not sweet at all?

I’ve had pineapple and basil ice cream it’s wonderful, also rose and lavender are really yummy I agree.

Both and you assume wrong

Cool, fascinating, I can’t imagine it at all, I must have some.

Make it! I have a post on my website about how to make your own ice creams