What was the longest time you spent alone?

My friend…

I don’t know if you realize this about me, but literally my entire existence has been alone, much of it spent mute. I have “had a significant other” for 7 years of my long life. That is roughly… Hmm…without spoilers, let’s say 1%. 

I don’t even know what it means to not be alone. For me, all of you and all of this is new and wonderful and unique. 

If you’re asking me how many continuous years I’ve spent without any human contact, the answer is none. Why? Because firstly, if I don’t eat a human, my body takes over and forces me to find one to eat, and if that isn’t possible, I lose all ability to determine time and so have no idea how long I’ve been that way. By my reckoning I did this for at most a few months at a time during the late 1700′s

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