Well if it’s a more elaborate question you want, then I can give you what you ask. But be careful what you wish for. Over the years I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of experiences so my question to you is what was the weirdest encounter you’ve had with a human, and at what year did the encounter occur?


I’ve had my fair share. Recall that I’ve only been able to seamlessly blend into human culture since the advent of good quality cosmetics. Before that, my general pallor and distinguishing features set me apart. To prevent people from seeing my teeth, I often didn’t speak, which led people to think me a mute, and therefore meant I was often treated badly. Shoved to the fringes of society, as it were. I’ve spent most of my life interacting with odd characters.

So I suppose I’ll need a bit of clarification from you given the embarrassment of riches I possess. Do you mean an encounter that was odd because the person was simply strange? Or do you mean an encounter that put me in fear? Or an encounter that had an otherworldly type of substance to it?

I was witness to the Dancing Plague, please understand, so the oddities I’ve seen are rather extensive and I’ve healthy supplies in all the above categories.

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