I should mention that I am present on social media



I use my Instagram account “Simoniscoolandlikescoffee” to post images of food. Food I’ve bought at restaurants and food that I’ve cooked myself. I find that to be the most expedient way to do so. I also occasionally post images of bees and memes I find amusing. I’d like to begin using it more but have no idea what I’d do with it.

My twitter account is almost exclusively publishing, business and political in nature. Largely because it’s my understanding that Twitter is considered to be more professional in tone. @SAnthropophage for that.

You can find my website and subscribe to it via email. If you do this, any entry I post will be sent to your email, for you to read whenever you wish, without having to visit my site. I post all manner of things on there from recipes to historical discussions, and while I do share the entries on this site as well, they can get lost on Tumblr, while they cannot be lost on the website. It will also contain extra information you cannot find here, as it is the original home of the experiment in its first form.

I have both a personal Facebook and a fan page for my books.

I have a Pinterest also and use it to find antiques, images of things to do with the Spawn, food and so forth.

I have a Youtube but all it is used for is the posting of the yearly flaming cheeseball and my music playlist for all to share, if they wish.

I’m sure I have a few others, though cannot recall what they are. What social media do you think I should use?

I’m not sure what else I should have.

What about LinkedIn?

Nobody uses LinkedIn. least of all monsters.

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