Hello, do you believe in romantic love?

Why does it matter what I believe?

I believe that things like “romance” are merely ways of naming the complex interplay between biology and biologically structured psychology. But so what? Humans act as if that’s an unthinkable thing. As if everything that makes you wonderful has to be some sort of transcendental divinely inspired….spiritual… AAAaaaaAAAAAaaaaHHHH sort of…thing. It doesn’t. All it needs to be is real to you and worth your time. 

If you don’t think that, then don’t bother. If you think it is, then do. That simple. Why does your belief have to change anyone else’s or my belief somehow alter your own? What anyone believes doesn’t change the thing. It doesn’t. You can believe love is a purely biological thing, but it still brings humans together and it still creates tight-knit groups and it still brings out the better parts of human nature, the ones that are empathic and compassionate. You can believe that certain art is nonsense, but if someone uses that art to examine themselves, then your belief is nonsense, isn’t it? The art served its purpose irrespective of your belief. 

This is something humans have a difficult time with.

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