Creature’s Cookbook, now in print


At last we come to the most important part of the third iteration of this experiment: the printed book for all to read. If you wish to obtain a print copy, I thank you kindly for the patronage. Do be aware that the book is printed on demand via a small press, so this may cause the tiniest little lag to your receiving a copy. Once you purchase a copy, please do return to review it. Reviews help to raise the ranking of the book, and therefore its visibility to the public. It really does make a difference, and if you’d like to help my experiment, this is an excellent way. I ask only that your review be honest, and that you help share the word that this isn’t merely a book, but an inclusive activity in which anyone can participate. The more reviews mention that, the better chances I have of obtaining viable experimental data.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to finally reel in those friends of yours you’ve been trying to convince to read the Tapas version, but who hem and haw and don’t want to tax their eyeballs or learn about “coins”. Bringing me more readers enlarges the experiment and also makes for more lively discussion on social media.



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