When the experiment ends, do you have any vague idea on what could motivate you to either show evidence that you are real or not? Like, what kind of data could make you decide to leave us in wonder? This question has been eating me away since I began reading your books.

I have certain other prohibitions on me with regard to that. I have no idea what may happen and no plan because of this.

I graduate soon. And then I’m just off waiting for college. However I’m extremely nervous about it. So nervous that I’ve thrown up a few times. Do you have any advice?

The rest of your life is just like this part of your life. Except that all the things you wanted to command, you now can, and all the things you’d rather not, you still command. That’s it. The people who say “oh my god “adulating” is so much harder” only say that because they were either spoiled or never learned anything about how life works in their formative years. If you have suffered or been forced to work for anything as a child, then “adulting” will be very easy.

As for college, I think you’ll find that it is very rewarding being able to treat your education as something you decide and invest in. You are paying for your school. You now have the right to be wholly dissatisfied

Assuming you were fake, once you collected enough data to conclude your research, would you tell people the truth? Or would you just let them continue believe that you were a real cryptid?



I am a real cryptic. Why would I ever answer any question that assumes I’m not?

to be fair, we have been asked to consider whether you’e real. surely part of that is grappling with hypotheticals of you not being so?

The question asked me what I would do if I was not me. How would I know what I’d do if not me? I wouldn’t be me.

It’s a silly thing to ask. Especially since it asks me if I would give you data if I was a tremendous liar. If I’m a liar, I’d say yes and you’d never be any the wiser that I intended to not do so. A liar…lies. I’m not sure if you’re aware. So what sense does it make to ask a liar what they might do? The answer is, they’ll lie to you.

So this is not a question I can ever answer even if I try to imagine what I might do, if I was both not myself and also a colloidal fraud.

Let them eat…not this cake. It’s not finished yet

Today I spent literally all day baking cakes and fondant and icing and nonsense. I’ve been on my feet since about 8, in my kitchen. I’m not even finished yet. Why, you ask? Because it’s devilishly tricky to time everything out, and I had to eat often, and then there was the fact that both cakes have several tiers.

What I’m trying to say is that I am feeling very drained, but if I must bleed into something, I’m glad it was a cake.

If you’re wondering, two children’s birthday cakes. I’ll likely have them finished tomorrow. I have to assemble them which require dowels and platforms and all that rubbish. I was going to make sugar paste animals too, but the molds didn’t arrive, so the little dear is getting plastic figurines. At least then they can play with those while the adults inhale the cake.

I have to say I don’t care if I ever see buttercream again. Ever. Powdered sugar can sard off. For all eternity. I’ve been through five bags today. Five 2lb bags. Why? Because I make my own fondant and my own icing and they both take nothing but powdered sugar.

I don’t think I’ll even end up eating the cake I’ll be so annoyed with everything.


1 ½ bag of small marshmallows

2 lbs powdered sugar, sifted

Cris o vegetable shortening

Melt the marshmallows in the microwave in thirty second intervals. Fold in about ¾ of the sugar. When mostly a firm lump, turn out on the table and knees, working more sugar in as you go. Keep your hands clean by rubbing them in the shortening. The fondant should stretch about two inches before it breaks. Form into a ball, smear with cris o in a thin sheen, then wrap in plastic wrap for at least 8 hours in the fridge. To color, merely work the dye into the segment you’re using. I use gel based dye. Again, shortening for the hands, powdered sugar for the table.


Two sticks of butter (1 cup)

5 ½ cups sifted powdered sugar

A few TBSP milk

Vanilla extract (or some other)

Dye (if you like)

Allow the butter to come to room temp and soften, dump into standing mixer and cream it for five minutes. Add the powdered sugar in one cup at a time, incorporating the sugar at low speed, then putting up to highest speed for two minutes between each cup. Add a bit of milk and the extract as you go, using the milk to turn it creamy every time it begins to clump up too much. Add dye or leave white. This will pipe, or go beneath fondant nicely.

Well your a being with consciousness and opinions just like everyone else. Nowhere have you ever claimed that you know everything ( which comes too close to arrogance for even me to believe) I suppose if in your long life you’ve never met someone who could legitimately communicate with spirits then that says something about the validity of my friends claims. But on the other hand it’s not as if you’ve never been wrong before.



I’ve seen many a fraud. I also don’t know deny that psychic phenomenon is real. It’s just not what people are tempted to think it is. Fair enough. The human brain has to cope with the sensory data somehow.

What do you mean by psychic phenomenon not being what people are tempted to think it is? Can you elaborate?

I’ve done so several times. It’s simply a case of your species having more senses than you realize but not knowing how to translate the data. And then also the fact that time doesn’t work the way you’ve convinced yourself it does. These two things combined make for a very interesting experience when certain environmental factors influence you.