Me and my friend were wondering about this. When did the word “fuck” start to become offensive? Google said the first recorded use of it like that was around the 1500s. Do you know? I just find it so interesting how versatile in sentences the word is today, yet somehow it’s still considered offensive. So do you know why it’s offensive? And maybe some linguistics on why you can use it in almost any way, that would also be cool. Thanks!

See my comments on the post “Sard” in the Simon Teaches Old Words tag. 

It’s actually much older than that. I’ve heard it used by Burgundians and Englishmen in the North of France. Quite old and it has always meant what it means. In my opinion, it is one of the most consistently used terms in the language. Of course, it may have shifted spellings in the older times, as there were no dictionaries and there were many language influences from languages with analogues.

It’s a good word. I miss “sard” though.

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