I graduate soon. And then I’m just off waiting for college. However I’m extremely nervous about it. So nervous that I’ve thrown up a few times. Do you have any advice?

The rest of your life is just like this part of your life. Except that all the things you wanted to command, you now can, and all the things you’d rather not, you still command. That’s it. The people who say “oh my god “adulating” is so much harder” only say that because they were either spoiled or never learned anything about how life works in their formative years. If you have suffered or been forced to work for anything as a child, then “adulting” will be very easy.

As for college, I think you’ll find that it is very rewarding being able to treat your education as something you decide and invest in. You are paying for your school. You now have the right to be wholly dissatisfied

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