Assuming you were fake, once you collected enough data to conclude your research, would you tell people the truth? Or would you just let them continue believe that you were a real cryptid?



I am a real cryptic. Why would I ever answer any question that assumes I’m not?

to be fair, we have been asked to consider whether you’e real. surely part of that is grappling with hypotheticals of you not being so?

The question asked me what I would do if I was not me. How would I know what I’d do if not me? I wouldn’t be me.

It’s a silly thing to ask. Especially since it asks me if I would give you data if I was a tremendous liar. If I’m a liar, I’d say yes and you’d never be any the wiser that I intended to not do so. A liar…lies. I’m not sure if you’re aware. So what sense does it make to ask a liar what they might do? The answer is, they’ll lie to you.

So this is not a question I can ever answer even if I try to imagine what I might do, if I was both not myself and also a colloidal fraud.

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