Well your a being with consciousness and opinions just like everyone else. Nowhere have you ever claimed that you know everything ( which comes too close to arrogance for even me to believe) I suppose if in your long life you’ve never met someone who could legitimately communicate with spirits then that says something about the validity of my friends claims. But on the other hand it’s not as if you’ve never been wrong before.

I’ve seen many a fraud. I also don’t know deny that psychic phenomenon is real. It’s just not what people are tempted to think it is. Fair enough. The human brain has to cope with the sensory data somehow.

Regarding smell, it’s a bit weird but I always wonder if beliefs/myths have some real ground, so. Virginity is a blurry and, people argue, fabricated concept, but do people smell differently before and after they’ve had intercourse for the first time? Because to me my own smell and various other things in my body changed after, and so I wonder about this.

Firstly, I’m not precisely keeping track of this. I would think if they’d just committed the sex act…I would know. If they’d taken a shower or whatever, personal ablutions and so forth…

No, I reckon not.