lol they literally wanna try and ban everything but the fucking gun – a book bag is a basic school necessity wtf

This country is one big shithole full of idiots.

Oliver North also said it’s the Ritalin–a medication prescribed to help students, and suggested we build or modify schools to have only one entrance, which not only is a fire hazard, but turns the school into a “killbox”. He wants to station police at that one entrance to review entry and exit through metal detectors…like a prison. He also said that the “violence in society” was to blame for school shootings…what violence in society? You mean all the school shootings? So…they’re to blame for themselves? Self-contained, spontaneous villainy? Video games, music, culture, the internet, religions, bullying, mental health. They want to blame anything but the weapon. The weapon that allows one person to easily and without much thought, act lethally on a fit of anger or fear.

But when you talk about banning guns, they say, what about cars? You can kill people with cars, and they can’t be banned.

True…but they have another purpose besides putting a projectile through a living being. 

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