Stunning Buttercream Floral Cakes That Are Way Too Beautiful to Eat by Seoul-Based Pastry Chef Atelier Soo

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@simonalkenmayer How does one learn to make cakes this beautiful and have them still be edible?

It’s merely icing technique. Usually, they are made with a piping bag and some piping nozzles. The nozzles actually do most of the work. I prefer the Russian nozzles for flowers. Type it into youtube and you’ll see why. You need a good, stiff buttercream recipe. You can also find those online. You use several shades of icing in the same bag to achieve the variegated color. Also true is that if you use sugarpaste or fondant, you can do the same, using molds for petals and leaves, or the whole flower itself.

You can also obtain inexpensive but fully functional cake decorating supplies from apps like AliExpress, Wish, Home. Ebay and Amazon also carry them. I recommend the following for a complete beginners kit of cake supplies (especially for flower making).

  • Disposable piping bags (you can buy silicone reusable, but they are a bastard to clean sometimes and if you are using multiple colors, it can be tedious. they also require a coupling for the nozzles, and this can be obnoxious.)
  • A number of standard piping nozzles, being metal cones with a unique slit or rounded opening. 
    • You want a tiny hole, several flat “leaf slits”, slits with crinkled edges.
  • A number of flat tipped Russian floral nozzles
    • The pattern on the tip ought to give a hint to the final shape, but that final shape is dependent upon technique. With a simple squeeze and lift motion, you have a small flower bud that is in the shape of the tip. However, if you squeeze and rock, the pattern will shift. Watch some tutorials to see what I mean.
  • Flower stands. (These are little platforms with a screw attached, so that you can form a flower on a stem, then lift it carefully and st onto a cake.)
  • a piece of florists’ foam to embed the flower stands in while sitting
  • petal molds and leaf molds for fondant work (I don’t recommend the full flower shaped molds as it is very difficult to remove the flower, and if you have the petals, you can make the flow as big or small as you like.
  • set of palette knives
  • rolling mat
  • smooth stone or plastic rolling pin (some come with rings that can allow you to make ribbons, by spacing them apart on the roller)
  • fondant working tools (little sticks with tips in different shapes for working and positioning the fondant)
  • food safe paint brushes
  • gel or powder dyes (no added moisture)
  • a good buttercream recipe
  • a fondant recipe

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