Incredibles 2 (2018)

These movies continue to be super real

I feel you, Bob.

Fun fact: The way most people were taught math in America is actually based on memorization and repetition instead of fully grasping and mastering the material. “New Math” is how the education system is trying to make amends for their mistakes in the past when instead of teaching you why 3×5 is 15, they just had you memorize it. There are tons of different ways to come to the correct answer for a math problem (which seems obvious but when you are learning how to add and subtract, that thought isn’t always presented to you) and this new program is introducing children to other options for understanding and mastering math. We get frustrated because we learned it one way and since it has always worked for us, we don’t want to change it. In reality, our way is just as quick as a lot of other methods out there. Instead of 3×5=15, we learn that it is 3+3+3+3+3 or 5+5+5. Instead of “carrying the one” we learn that we could add each individual amount at the end: 
=    13(9+4)+50(20+30)+200(100+100) = 263
Different cultures teach different methods for math problems so it would only make sense that the U.S. starts to catch up and teach more methods for a wider variety of students– especially because not every student is going to be able to grasp the same concept in the same way. (I swear I’m not just sprouting random crap, I’m actually an elementary education major)


this is awesome! It’s sort of how I taught myself how to do basic arithmetic when I had to re-learn it before starting engineering. 

Basically, the way I was taught as a kid is to work from the right to the left, if that makes sense (the “ones” place, then the “tens” place, etc). So if we want to add say,



We start with 9+4 = 13, then leave the 3 (so we know the last digit of the answer is 3) and “carry the one” to the next place where we have 2+3+(1) = 6, then to the next place we just have 1+1=2, so the final answer is 2:6:3 = 263

Another way to do it, the way the previous post describes, is more like grouping by magnitude. We can think of 129 = 100+20+9, and 134 = 100+30+4

So instead of the old way, we can also do (100+100)+(20+30)+(4+9) = 200+50+13 = 263

This also works really well for multiplication. Eg, 317*17, which I can’t do in my head. But we can break it down into: (300+17)*(10+7), which you can then FOIL (First, Outer, Inner, Last, remember that?) into (300*10)+(300*7)+(17*10)+(17*7) most of which I can do in my head: 3000+2100+170+(17*7)

The last bit we can do as (10+7)*7 = 10*7+7*7 = 70*49 = 119

So the final answer is 3000+2100+170+119 = 5389

Another thing I learned how to do was division without doing the long division  way

(which I HATED), by thinking about it like multiplication.

Take 168/13, which I can absolutely not solve by long division. Instead, I’ll think of it like multiplication: what times 13 = 168

I know 10*13 = 130, which is too low, and 20*13 = 260 which is too high. But we can start from 10*13=130 and just count by 13′s: 11*13 = 143, 12*13 = 156, . If we go any farther we’ll be bigger than 168, so we know that 13 goes into 168 12 times with remainder (168-156 = 12)

So the final answer is 12+12/13

Okay but the way common core in the US removed long division from the curriculum is actually really bad, because long division is the foundation of some lower level algebra. Not teaching long division in elementary school has just unofficially offloaded the learning onto middle school, because it actually does have to be learned at some point.

Also, multiplication tables are fucking important. As is the standard addition format. These new methods are better for teaching true understanding, but they’re also slower. Especially for addition of large numbers, they’re much slower. Students need to learn standard way to actually do math efficiently, but so long as it’s not officially in the curriculum it just ends up getting unofficially offloaded, again, to higher grade levels.

The result of this, combined with the US’ “you get funded based on student success” model, means that middle schools and high schools end up having to sacrifice education time to reteach basics because the basics never got taught. But they can’t slow student advancement to do that without losing funding. So instead they cut corners, saying students have “completed” a class like calculus 1 when really they know almost no calculus. Stuff which is the foundation of later classes but isn’t super important to the standardized tests gets cut, to the detriment of all education afterward. The students are years behind because of these elementary schools not teaching actual, necessary mathematical skills which really do need to be taught.

And the result is students going to college whom on paper have passed calculus 3 but, as my undergrad math department (which I TA’d for) found out in the worst possible way, don’t know half of the calculus 1 curriculum. And not just some students. Every fucking student across the board. None of them were where they should be. We had fucking calculus 1 students who had never seen fucking exponentials and we did not have time to teach that to them. And this all started the year my college started to get students who had been through common core in elementary school.

And guess what? They’re all fucked. Because you cannot pack 6 years of math into a 4 year engineering degree, not and expect everyone who ought to pass to make it. And there is absolutely nothing which can be done about it, because you just cannot make up that kind of gap after the fact. And you can’t reduce the amount of math engineers are expected to know, because engineers need to fucking know it. Except it’s actually worse than that because engineers only need 2 years of math but they absolutely have to learn it in the first two years of their degree. So they’ve really got 4 years of math to learn in 2. And guess what? Students who should have done great flunked because of that. We lost students to other majors. Because of fucking course we did. The engineer crop was gutted.

Common core’s new math may have been a kind, good intentioned idea on paper. But the decision to not just augment the existing fundamentals but replace them, has been an absolutely fucking catastrophic disaster.


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