“YOU DON’T LOOK NATIVE” – is something that bothers me greatly. I see it happen all the time, especially to Natives in the US & Canada.

Telling any Native person that they aren’t Native because they don’t fit your superficial stereotype is RACIST! Every single person pictured above is a NATIVE.

This is something that all non-Natives need to understand, there is no “Native look”.

– Not all Native women look like Disney’s “Pocahontas”.
– Not all Native men look like a Plains NDN with long flowing hair.
– Not all Natives have high cheekbones.
– Not all Natives have black straight hair. Some have brown hair, some have curly hair, some have light hair and so on.
– Yes Native men CAN grow beards and have facial hair.
– Not all Natives have brown eyes. Some have blue eyes, some have grey eyes, some have green eyes and some have hazel eyes.
– There are tall Natives and there are short Natives.
– There are dark skinned Natives, light skinned Natives and pale skinned Natives.

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