American healthcare system be like

I️ fucking hate this

definitely made by a non-american with VERY little understanding of our healthcare system

there, I fixed it

More like 

I’m crying at the corrections done to it.

did I do it right?

“Doc, it hurts when I touch my shoulder.”

“The internet tell you that? You shouldn’t trust WebMD. Come here and pay me $6000 to be skeptical and judgmental rather than helpful.”

A few years ago, I slipped two disks bad enough that I had some temporary paralysis of everything controlled by my sciatic nerves until the swelling went down. I called an ambulance and the EMTs who came with it wanted me to get up from my position flat on the floor and get onto the stretcher myself, even though I’d just told them I couldn’t move anything below my waist. This reminds me of trying to explain that I’m not being difficult, I really do need the backboard and for them to be the ones doing the moving.

Can’t walk? Just get up here. We’ll take you to the man who can point and say “Stop being difficult”

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