Do you have any particular peices of art or particular artists that have ever like called out to you or resonated with you?

I like Impressionism and Realism. The Dutch painters from the 17th century. The great Renaissance masters and all their students. My opinions have evolved. There was a time that art served to record. It had to, because there was no photography and I admit I found the accuracy of perfect photographic realism breathtaking and mesmerizing. Over time, I’ve come to see that art has the capacity to be more than record, but also commentary, capturing not just the look of the moment, but the feeling, the substance of the instant. It can also cause discussion about an issue, bring attention to things. 

My tastes still tend to be old, and modern art often causes me to stare in consternation, but I am thinking. I am appreciating. It’s simply that I wouldn’t hang it in my house.

I don’t want to walk around my sanctuary from thought having to constantly think all the time. I want a pretty bunch of flowers and a nice skull. 

That’s my personal taste.

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