Hello! I read your books on Tapas, and have been enjoying your posts here for about 6 months now. I just kinda creep and randomly comment and repost/reblog(?).
You said you like cool things? I’m a welding student, and the past few days we got to do art stuffs. Here’s what I made.
Dragonfly that needs to get cleaned. Yikes it is suuuuper rusty. My sheriff’s a bit cleaner now, and I used horseshoes as a base to get it to stand upright for a yard decoration.
Do you weld? You’ve said you know lots of sewing, knitting, embroidery- do you crochet as well?

-submitted by @demtees

I don’t weld. I haven’t done anything requiring it since before it really existed. I do all sorts of thread and fiber craft, as I’ve been at the ground level of every advancement in that regard since the drop spindle, but I also do many other things. I’ve done beadwork, tailoring, shoes, wigs. In construction I’ve done everything from masonry to carpentry, I’ve been a carpenter since before there were nails. I know a bit about metal smithing, though I never really worked at a forge, and I’ve made most common households stuffs at one time or another.

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