Recently Tapas approached me with the concern that some of my readers might wish to purchase items of clothing that link them to the experiment. I assume for reasons of enterprise. However, I see greater utility in it. It is an excellent way for people to distinguish themselves as inedible. I mean it is hardly good science to eat one’s subjects. To that end, Tapas has crafted some T-shirts, which can be found here.

I don’t know if you realize this about me, but I am not one to take myself too seriously. If one such as I were to constantly demand that others take me seriously, I would be depressed all day long. I would be little better than the morose teenagers in so many movies about hapless immortal leeches. And so, you see, innevery day life, I only drink wine from a set of cheap Halloween themed wine glasses. Most of my serving platters are monsters. It really is amusing to me.

And so, I am utilizing modern technology and the talents of my more artistic readers to craft certain matching kitchen items: dishware, tea towels, serving trays, and glasses…as well as a replica of my favorite cooking apron.

If you wish to embrace the silliness and participate, please do so by joining me here at my Zazzle store. I will make two of each item, one with the book title, and one without, so that you may avoid…How do they say it? “Selling out”.