A New Project

My publisher has asked me, in between publications of the volumes of my diary, if I would be interested in compiling a series of stories about incidents from my past. It seemed silly to me, as I do not believe such things are relevant to my experiment. When I registered this concern, however, they replied with an interesting concept: they desire that this new project be interactive, that the audience should be allowed to address these events in their comments, and make requests as to what should be discussed in the next installment.
This intrigues me for many reasons, all of them anthropological. May I make an enquiry of you, my gentle readers?
Does this project interest you? If so, what would you most wish to read in the first installment? Please be aware that I can only write what I have experienced, and thusly, if you ask for my “experience of the war” you will find that I did not participate in the war effort, and my experience was mostly via media. You may ask more general questions, or even ask about recipes. It matters not.

10 responses to “A New Project

  1. I personally would love to learn about your life before the start of your journal. I’m also curious if you have a good recipe for chili.

    • May O ask which era of my past life? And yes I do have an excellent chili recipe, but only if you are fond of fusion. I suppose it could be a “straight” chili recipe, but I much prefer my creative license.

      • As early as you can remember, where you were, what you saw, how it was as an experience for you. Then jump every 50 years explaining updates thats you enjoyed, wars that benefitted you, and what kind of life you lead, all the way till you get to present date.
        That would be awesome. Just to see how humans evolved from your eyes and what things you (or your kind) may have influenced.

  2. I would be interested in your interactions with children. Having a toddler myself and being a new parent makes me curious about parenting in the past and in different cultures. Your interaction with children sounds limited, but your lifespan is long. Have you observed any differences?

    My parents scoff at all the laws requiring child safety seats and peanut bans. I counter that the child mortality rate is lower. Anyway, thanks for writing. Your entries are the perfect length for consumption; I don’t exactly have hours to read long epics anymore. Have any kid friendly recipes?

    • That is actually the subject of my sequel, to some degree.

      I have also posted an entry called “Occupy” some ways back, that discusses and encounter with a child.

      I do have kid friendly recipes. I make a delightful pizza casserole, hamburger bake, and simple sugar cookies are always a favorite.

  3. Being that you’re very old, and have lived with/around humans for some time, I’m curious about whether or not any human has attempted to celebrate your “birthday” whether or not they knew of your true nature, and if so, how was that experience for you?

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