If you just received approximately 100 emails from me, my most humble apologies. I deeply regretted doing it, but had no other choice. For many days now I have needed to do basic maintenance – for reasons that I cannot really discuss because they annoy the ever-loving…

Excuse me.

Once I undertook the process, I realized that it was entirely impossible to avoid sending each and every followers an alert email with every single fix. This is regrettable, but is not something over which I have control. It would be lovely if it were possible to merely tick a box that says “Do not harass my readers with emails”, but while there are boxes to do with sharing on social media, there are none to do with email, that I know of.

Please do forgive me, and I hope it has not put anyone off the site. Please simply disregard all the other emails, as they contain absolutely no new or important information.

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