Those who follow me know that there is the “book” and there is the “blog” – although now I am told that the youth do not use that terminology. I cannot keep up with global linguistics.
After signing the various contracts, I was told that the books (yes, I was told that they should be pluralized, which to me is very funny, given that I intend to keep living, regardless) should contain “plot” and the website should contain self-promotional material like recipes and additional content. To me this is tantamount to saying “Please advertise your work by using the boring shit you do as interesting, eye-catching flare!”

Rather like asking a model to audition with their DMV or passport photo, isn’t it?

I can only apologize for that and promise to “spice it up” – haha! – on the blog…or whatever they are called now.

What are they called now?

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